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Mark Dubowitz’s Opinion about Waging a Financial War against Iran

Only few people other than the policy experts of Middle East have actually heard the name of Mark Dubowitz. This eminent personality was initially a lawyer and later he became a technical executive. Today he can be well said to be Iran Sanction Guru who operates from Washington DC.  He has opened up a think tank known by the name of Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

Reasons for the growing polarity of Mark Dubowitz

Mark became popular among policy makers after the congress and their allies fenced a softened relationship with Iran. In the past 30 years the relationship between the white House and Iran was extremely bitter. This got suddenly changed to much better relationship.

The United States was not able to understand how they would be able to extend their branch to Tehran. They wanted to do this without dissembling the financial blockade. They had taken a number of years and so, they did not want to dismantle it.

It was Mark Dubowitz who had a perfect solution to handle this issue. He said that as much as 100$ billion of Iran was stuck in the overseas bank account. They were not able to operate it due to certain sanctions of the United States.

They had actually barred certain banking transactions with Iran which was the cause for this blockage. So Mark said that they could allow Iran to transact in some of these banks. In case they do not live up to their bargain then this transaction can be immediately stopped.

How did Dubowitz communicate his ideas?

He communicated his ideas to the State and Treasury officials, These officials then communicated these ideas to the bureaucracy administration. It then finally reached the White House.  Since his idea was quite a good one so the President has been considering it.

Mark has been contributing a lot in bringing out ideas that would make the world a better place to live in. It is for this reason for his popularity to increase by every passing day.