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Counterfeited Followers Don’t Make Ethical Social Media Marketing

The creation of social media was an initiative for mass sharing information and ideas using social networking and virtual communities that could be used as an essential component to gear up the process of sharing in most feasible manner. Social media was a breakthrough in the business world that deeply altered the way of interaction by the businesses with their customers and the public making traditional marketing almost obsolete in the era of technological advancement. Social media was considered to be an innovative channel to reach the marketplace, but became a vital mean for marketing, customer service, and public relations. From a small to big businesses, social media was used by every entity in one or the other way. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and many more helped businesses in achieving their objectives.

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Big challenges for businesses

Use of social media by the businesses was a big challenge for them because competition also exists on social media networks when most businesses themselves are the users on these websites. The main challenge was to get more followers compared to the competitors in social media marketing. Finding real people to follow your business page is problematic as you can’t directly interact with the users of social media networks and share your contents with them.

Result-oriented social media marketing

Content marketing and thoroughly planned social media campaign together may be a good solution to increase followers. Good contents can increase number of visits from search engines, more visit to your website via social media, and increased brand awareness and help to achieve more business. But most businesses believe in effortless method like buy instagram followers that can affect tremendous increase in the number of followers by spending a little money through bogus bloggers who never use real followers but use services like buy Instagram followers using fake numbers just for their own benefit to earn money which is not a social media marketing in the real sense.